Monday, 17 December 2007

Titanic 2020 By Colin Bateman

In this book Jimmy Armstrong stows away on the new Titanic.

But this time it doesn't sink however there are worse thing than drowning as Jimmy and and the owner's daughter Clair soon find out.

A mysterious, incurable disease is rapidly infecting the world so being at sea appears to be the safest place to be.

Friday, 7 December 2007

The Tutti-Fruitti Collection

This book is great! It has three different stories in it. The author is Jean Ure. The first story is called Skinny Melon And Me. Cherry wonders how her mum could even think or remarrying-and to such a dweeb! At least she has her best friend, Skinny Melon, to cheer her up...

Second book: Becky Bananas This Is Your Life! Becky shares her dreams and describes her wonderful life so far.

Third book: Fruit And Nutcase. Mandy's scatty parents drive her up the wall! She's trying really hard not to totally lose the plot...

I would give this book 100/100 because it is the best book ever!!! It has Madness, memories, mayhem, comedy, calamity and cool characters in this book which is why I like it!

Roll Call By Malcolm Rose

This is the third traces book.

In this book Luke and Malc are hunting a killer using untraceable weapons.

The only motive all the victims have the same name. When a another person vanishes Luke trys to save her from the muderer's plan and a tsunami.

Lost Bullet By Malcolm Rose

This is the second book in the traces series.

In this book Luke and Malc are in the slums of London when a doctor is killed.

But the rain has washed away the bullet and the other clues.

Luke and Malc must hurry to find some evidence before more people die.